Compensation For Concussion

After a whiplash claims injury, a condition known as “post concussive syndrome” can affect up to one-third of patients who sustain a mild head injury with resulting chronic, long-term problems. These are the types of cases that accident car chiropractors refer to Neurologists. It is very interesting that eye movements have a close relationship to the function of the brain and can be an accurate measure for determining the presence of post-concussive syndrome (PCS) and can serve as a good barometer for tracking the healing process.

The method of evaluating this condition includes neuropsychological evaluations using various tools that assess memory, reading, recall, use of numbers, and other brain function tests. Researchers who advocate the importance of the correlation between the psychological test abnormalities now have a specific biological marker which can be used as a clinical tool, and they have established that PCS is NOT merely a psychological condition.

Symptoms of PCS are varied and can include: headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, memory loss, irritability, mood swings and these and other symptoms vary among patients with PCS. This puts the assessment process challenging since each patient is rather unique in how PCS portrays itself. To make this more challenging, these symptoms can last for the first few hours after a car accident with a mild closed head injury to days, weeks, months and even years after the injury, some with complete loss work capabilities and significant life impact.

There are a lot of ways and considerations for you to get awarded should you win a slip and fall case. Though it is not as much as you think. The law is required to be just so compensation over the damages done to your person is pretty much calculated up till the last dime. Just as a reminder, slip and fall cases usually have a higher chance of being won over if the condition of injury was both recurring and repeated.

The amount of compensation for concussion will depend on upon where the accident has occurred and where the case of slip and fall claim will be heard. The injury and expected time of recovery will also affect the amount. The setting is also dependent, as urban accidents will pay more than rural accidents since the cost of living in the city is higher.

Compensation is considered ‘damages’ and how much of the ‘damages’ you get paid for depends on. There are the general damages which include the money that you would have potentially earned for the whole period

Special damages, in the meantime, will cover anything that has happened in on the accident. This puts together the fee you paid for getting hospitalized, treated and even for rehabilitation; the transportation costs for the doctors, your check up fees and sometimes, even the medical care for your dependents.

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